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I’m proof you CAN become a model at 80, says retired primary teacher and grandmother

What do you hope to be doing at 80? Most of us imagine a slower pace of life and a well-earned retirement. Not so for Beate Howitt. Her 80th year has marked the start of a new career: the octogenarian grandmother recently landed her first modelling contract.

‘It’s sensational,’ says Beate. ‘I’ve always dreamed of being a model. Of course, part of me was surprised anyone wanted to see this old face.

26/06/19 | Source: Daily Mail

Meet the Aberdeen 99-year-old who still hits the gym

A pensioner who still works out at the gym celebrated his 99th birthday at a party thrown by his sporty friends.

26/06/19 | Source: The Press and Journal

88-year-old tries her hand at coding on work placement

The saying goes that you can't teach an old dog new tricks - but one Norfolk grandmother is proving the naysayers wrong.

26/06/19 | Source: Eastern Daily Press

Meet Britain’s oldest ballerina as she celebrates her 81st birthday

Britain’s oldest ballerina has achieved the highest accolade possible from the Royal Academy of Dance – as she celebrates her 81st birthday.

02/02/19 | Source: Metro

Never Too Late - Maintaining Strength As We Age

Never too Late, a key part of the CSP’s Love activity, Hate exercise? campaign, will be promoted across the UK on 1 October, Older People’s Day.

02/02/19 | Source: YouTube

Bikes and banter: Meet the octogenarian Velovets

A group of elderly cyclists are taking part in "bikes and banter" as they look to defy their age by maintaining their fitness.

02/02/19 | Source: BBC News

107-Year-Old Cyclist Holds Several World Records

This 107-year-old cyclist is still pedaling strong. Robert Marchand already is a World Record holder in over-100 and over-105 age groups, by biking more than 15 miles in one hour.

02/02/19 | Source: Now This is News

Brian Loughans, 82, delivers takeaway curries in a suit and tie

An 82-year-old West Yorkshire man has been awarded the title of Britain's best takeaway driver.

02/02/19 | Source: BBC News

The 84-Year-Old Pole Vaulter & Super Athlete

Flo took up track and field at 60, and started pole vaulting at 65 years old. "You're never too old, I was 60 years old when I started and look what I'm doing now!"

02/02/19 | Source: YouTube

She’s 95 and is doing the splits!

The former dancer says she wants to be an inspiration to people of any age who might be struggling with their health.

02/02/19 | Source: LA Times

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