Information to help you support your children and grandchildren at this time

Information for Grandparents and Parents

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Advice for grandparents andparents during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Grandparents have been a valuable source of child care support to many families over the decades. Lockdown may have severed this contact due to the restrictions. Here is some information to help you support your children and grandchildren at this time.

Many children's routines have been disrupted due to the long periods of lockdown. No school, missed friends, home schooling, family tensions, loneliness can result in changed behaviours. With lockdown easing and schools now back, anxiety may set in causing a new set of behaviours. We cannot underestimate the impact the pandemic has had on the younger generation.

Children and young people may respond to stress in different ways. Signs may be:

  • Emotional (e.g., they may be upset, distressed, anxious, angry or agitated)
  • Behavioural (e.g., they may become clingy, or more withdrawn, or have difficulty concentrating, or they may wet the bed)
  • Physical (e.g., they may experience stomach or headaches)

Look out for any changes in their behaviour and be aware that these changes may not occur in all contexts (e.g., they might just happen at school or at home).

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