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NHS Forth Valley mental health information

A self-help site for a variety of mental health, stress and anxiety related conditions. Read it, download it, listen to audio files or watch videos. You can also forward it on to others who you feel would benefit from it.

NHS Forth Valley Self-help website

CVS Falkirk

As the Third Sector Interface for the Falkirk Council area, CVS Falkirk are a local, independent charitable company which exists to promote, develop and represent the third sector and volunteering.

CVS Falkirk website

Falkirk Council Website

Information for residents, businesses and visitors of Falkirk Council, council tax and what's on in the local area.

Falkirk Council website

Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) Website

The Falkirk HSCP brings together a broad range of health, social care, and support services for people in Falkirk. The website provides key information and news updates with access to the Partnership’s publications, including the Strategic Plan 2019-2022. It also includes information on the HSCP’s governance arrangements and a timetable for future meetings.

Falkirk Council website

A Local Information System for Scotland (ALISS)

ALISS is a website that can be used to search for local resources. Each search can be done for a specific organisation or be done by location, with the search being narrowed or extended depending on the chosen mileage.

ALISS website

Mental Health - useful contacts

This pdf contains a list of organisations you can contact for help or support in addition to any help you are getting from health professionals. If you are experiencing mental health issues, we recommend you seek medical advice.

Mental health useful contacts PDF

Entrance - Local information

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